Ok, the economic crisis is here to stay. Thankfully the web is also here to stay and so is blogging.
A couple of months ago, while checking for instructions, projects and tips for my new sewing machine I bumped into a bunch of pretty blogs, mainly from crafty ladies from Canada, USA and Australia who have turned restyling thrift finds into everyday living and a true art.
One of the most successful of them, who has recently launched a vintage clothing store and her own clothes line, is Elsie Flannigan in her blog a beautiful mess. Elsie has lately taken up the so-called Project Restyle where she is challenged to restyle and create a new fresh item out of an old and used up one. Together with Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave they’re putting together this challenge and invite anyone to join them and make useful stuff out of old and forgotten ones. Their cause is a good one, living green, while the fun of creating is the added bonus to it all.
Visit Project Restyle and join the fun