What is in a milk carton? The comparison is made between a cow’s milk carton and an almond milk carton. For those of you not familiar with the Greek language please let me explain:

Cow’s milk carton: 15% saturated fat, 30% calcium

Just like humans, cows need to be reproduced in order to produce milk, thus they are artificially inseminated (don’t ask me the details, I really do not want to know).

Their newborns are taken away from them 12-46 hours after birth (such cruelty if you ask me), so their milk may be available only to consumers. The cows go through a grieving period for several days (isn’t this passed up in their milk, I wonder).

The male calves end up in meat (mass) production.

The cows feces produce methane thus further contributinng to global warming (so if cow reproduction is encouraged in large numbers, the more methane there is to cause problems for global warming).

Traces of carbon dioxide: 1 lt. of cows milk=2 kgr CO2 (if CO2 could be measured in kgrs), 1 lt of gasoline= 2,35 krg CO2 (see the analogy? scary)

A lot of dairy products include bovine growth hormones (rBGH, rBST) which are linked to breast, prostate and bowel cancer.

(so there)

Almond milk carton: 0% saturated fats, 30% calcium




Vitamins (pure, non-artificial, absorbable ones!)

(So) which one is according to you best to buy?

My mind is made and we all, as family, should discuss and change our habits, it’s better for us, for the entire human population, for the bovine population and the environment. What more should we ask for? We should make this change for the better…