Hubby cleared his closet and found a fine collection of ties he seldom uses. I will press them so that they look brand new and unworn! They could become an excellent gift for any male friends or relatives as they are well known designer brands.

They’re all in excellent condition, 100% silk except for no 4 which is 62% wool.

1. Roberto Cavalli tie, 100% silk, 30€
2. Hermès tie, heavy silk 100%, 50€
4. Hermès tie, silk twill 100%, 50€
5. Gucci tie, 62% wool and 38% silk jacquard, 30€
6. Hugo Boss tie, striped silk 100%, 25€
7. DKNY tie, 100% silk twill, 25€

Whoever is interested may leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch through email or use the tete-a-tete contact form on my blog’s header.