I was never a “resolution” person. As much as I’ve tried before I’ve never actually kept up with my resolutions, be it New Year’s, Birthday’s or whatever.  So, I will not commit to any resolutions, not this time :)

2012 was a full year. Full of many things, mostly full of anxiety because of the country’s financial situation and the way it has affected and keeps affecting my day-to-day life. This is why I wasn’t blogging on a regular basis. It sometimes didn’t seem honest enough to blog if my mood was not up for it. And I certainly did not want to blog about concerns outside my blog’s menu.

Thankfully, 2012 was also full of my little heroes, my very own little kiddos who never seize to amaze me. As the two of them get older they become a solid team, the way they interact is far beyond any expectation that I had at the time of their birth. It’s so touching and they do seem to fill my life with “birds and flowers” whenever I’m down. So, I do thank God for that.

I do not expect much out of 2013 but I do plan to do something for it. I am not sure what yet. It does “smell” like radical changes will take place. I will not resist but I promise to make sure that these changes bring about the best possible outcomes and I will deal with it with a smile… My kids deserve that much.

Now, now, there I did make a resolution even though it was unintentional…

One thing is for sure: I will be around and I will try to post as much or as nice thoughts as I possibly can…

there there, there’s another one :)