I live in Athens. I have the honor to mother two wonderful creatures which inspire me and amaze me incessantly. Thanks to them I have become a better person and I’m seeking to expand my horizons to make myself as complete as I can be, to guide and teach them. Thank God they taught me how to love them the second they gazed intensely into my eyes once out of my womb.

Birthing and mothering have completely altered my mindset and made me re-evaluate my values. Ever since I became a mother I made a promise to myself, to help as many other women like myself find this great path in life by supporting them through rocky times during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding. And toddlerhood from then on… Supporting natural birth became a “raison d’être” for me. My two babies are free-spirited, independent, communicative, and very tender and I’m pretty certain it’s all because of my persistence and determination to enjoy my pregnancy, enjoy my birth to the fullest and enjoy attachment parenting from there on.

I have a pretty well equipped library of mothering books. Researching the internet on such issues is one of my favorite hobbies. Every new mother I get to help is a new challenge for me. Such a rewarding experience when I see a smile of relief on their faces, a laughter of success whenever a cumbersome situation has been overcome and babies seem content!.

My daughter, as a newborn baby inspired me to read a lot, funny that she loves books herself from a very early age. My son inspired me, as a newborn, to become more inventive and crafty and take up myself tasks I would otherwise hand it over to some professional, he’s becoming pretty agile himself! It’s a mutual thing!

I am here to disseminate and share information: for mothering, for breastfeeding, for pregnancy and natural birth, for women’s rights to informed choices, for whatever has to do with a mother’s very full life of joys and decisions as well as useful D.I.Y.s and tips on making our everyday life easier and prettier. I consider myself an activist where it comes to mothering rights. I’m trying to spread the message and free women, like me, from the state of fear society has imposed on us be it hospital protocols to birth or well meaning relatives who patronize us with tons of “advice” when we first have a baby. I’d also love to discuss how motherhood has brought us up to higher spiritual levels, rendered us so much more empowered and dynamic and made us see the world around us differently.

Being a mother has changed me in so many beautiful ways and it didn’t happen overnight, it was a smooth change, like an accelerated evolution of my species that came about so naturally and calmly that I didn’t even realize till after months from my first baby’s birth! And it still goes on and it will go on, I’m so grateful for that.

I have taken up sewing lately and I’m making some progress creating sweet nothings for my friends and family but my secret goal is to develop and pattern the ultimate diaper bag. That’s how Fluff and Pebbles came about. Why Fluff and Pebbles? Fluff is for moms, a big warm cuddle and kisses that take away any sort of trouble or pain while pebbles are for babies (of all ages), playful, eager to explore, mobile and adoringly clumsy. It just hit me while brainstorming a while ago and has stuck in my mind ever since.

So, please, do step in, allow me to treat you a cup of tea, hot chocolate or whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy and let’s talk. Please ask me questions, I’m here to help and support you because we all need this. Or take a look at my place, my family, my ways, you may find something that would work for you too. Or just follow me through my sewing journey to getting to a big, cute, functional and very useful bag or a multi-purposed baby garment. I’ll be there and I hope you’ll be there to keep me company and share a few smiles.

I always welcome questions, comments, suggestions and related posts if you will. Oh and birth stories of course :) :) :)

***Photo credits in this post and left sidebar photo: Mersy Tzimopoulou